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Dr. Dima’s Skin & Beauty Myths…Busted!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Myth : I paid a lot of money for a wrinkle cream that has collagen and elastin in it to get rid of my wrinkles.

This is called succumbing to the power of marketing. At best, most anti-aging creams will temporarily plump up the top layer of skin to give the  appearance of less wrinkles.  In reality, the claim that a collagen cream can erase or fill lines and turn back the clock is completely false.  We lose elasticity and tone as we age but spending upwards of $500 for 2 ounces of a collagen cream, even if the claim is that it is a “bio-available” form, is a huge waste of money.  The collagen molecule itself is too large to penetrate the skin barrier so, if you really want a quick fix, go to your cosmetic dermatologist or surgeon and spend that money on a syringe of injectable collagen to plump up your wrinkles.  Otherwise, in order to be effective, a topical product must contain ingredients such as Retin-A and a stable form of vitamin C to truly be effective at stimulating your own skin’s collagen production.

Try Dr. Dima’s Cosminology Hi-Plutonic a quick-absorbing, stable formulation that protects against typical signs of  damage such as wrinkling and age spots. Continued use rejuvenates your appearance by lessening fine lines and evening out  discolorations and skin roughness.

Myth : I have to lay in the sun so that my body gets enough

Vitamin D.

This has been a huge topic in the media lately. Adequate vitamin D, which actually isn’t really a vitamin but rather a prohomone, is essential for proper immune system functioning, bone health and may even help to prevent certain types of cancer.  Yes, we do need some (unprotected) sunlight exposure for adequate vitamin D formation but overexposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to the breakdown of vitamin D as well. Light skinned people need less sun exposure than dark skinned individuals but, regardless of skin type, all any of us needs is a few minutes of sunlight 2-3 times a week.  In fact, during the winter months and if you live in more northern latitudes, it’s best to supplement with food and over the counter supplements to ensure sufficient levels.  Using tanning as an excuse for preventing vitamin D deficiency is both excessive and imprudent.

Myth : My mother and grandmother look amazing for their age so I don’t have anything to worry about.

It’s really nice to be blessed with great genetics but…your lifestyle has been proven to play a more important role in how you age. Many studies have been done on identical twins and the impact of their environment and habits on their health and appearance. It’s not hard to tell which twin below was the sun worshiper, smoker, drinker of the two.

Myth: I tan at a tanning booth before going on vacation so that I won’t burn at the beach.

This is a huge fallacy. A base tan will only give you a SPF of about 3 or 4 but, more importantly, the color you are inducing translates into one thing and one thing only:  UV damage from radiation.  You’ll age faster and increase your chances of getting skin cancer.  So get a spray on tan, use plenty of sunblock, wear a hat and sit under an umbrella – you’ll thank yourself later.

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