OMG I can’t say enough about Dr. Dima’s Cosminology skincare line. It’s out of this world...literally! My skin can sometimes be as dry as the desert and the Galactic Glove is my go to moisturizer! It’s silky smooth and feels so good on my skin! The best thing about Galactic Glove is that you can mix it with many of her other great products. I couldn’t be happier! - E. JONES (Google Reviews)

I have been using Dr. Dima skincare for more than 5 years. I really like the quality, the textures and how your skin looks after couple days of using the products. I’d highly recommend to anyone. - L. SAVLATOVA (Google Reviews)

I borrowed some of the Vitamin C Serum from my wife, and now she has to reorder some for herself. Smells awesome, super refreshing. - R. PARROTT (Google Reviews)

Dr. Dima and her staff are amazing. Her products are for everyone and are fantastic. A wide range of services are provided. You have to do yourself a favor and look at her skin care line. - Marc (Google Reviews)

I have been using Dr. Dima's skin care products for the past 10 years. It goes without saying that they are amazing. I'm sensitive to many things and avoid products loaded with chemicals. Dr. Dima's products have high quality ingredients and are designed to deliver their promise. The best investment on your skin! - Sara Suttle (Google Reviews)

Dr.Dima’s skincare line is amazing! The quality is unmatched! I received HI-Plutonic C and after only two days my skin has improved drastically! The product goes on smooth and leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated! The fragrance is an added bonus! Anyone looking for a safe, affordable, and convenient way to improve their skin, Dr.Dima’s line is for you! Thank you, thank you! Anxious to receive my second order of facial wash and exfoliant. A must try, you’ll love it!

- Laura Bollhorst (Google Reviews)

Have enjoyed using Gactic Glove moisturizer. It lasts all day and is so enjoyable to use, a tiny amount goes a long way. She has done herself proud with this product! - Lorraine Higgason (Google Reviews)

I have always had a hard time finding the right shade of foundation to match my skin color, but Cosminology Mineral foundation is a perfect match! Not only does it even out my skin tone, but it also makes my skin feel baby soft. It’s so easy to apply and I never have an uneven look or feel. My skin looks healthy and I feel like it is glowing! After years and hundreds of dollars spent on wasted make-up that sat in my drawer, I can finally say that I have found the foundation that I will use forever! 

-Melissa R., Boise, ID

I love the Cosminology Foundation because I have very sensitive skin and it is impossible for me to find a foundation that doesn’t make my face break out. That was until Cosminology. Cosminology foundation makes my skin look awesome! It helps to reduce redness, blotchiness, and helps to hide pimples. This foundation also NEVER makes my face break out because it is actually good for my skin! Finally a foundation I can use freely without worrying about what reaction I’ll have to it. The only reaction I get every time is great looking skin!! -Tara K., Clifton, VA

I have been using Cosminology for six months now and swear by the base makeup.  It smooths my skin out and gives me such a great complextion.  The best part is that it is lightweight and I don't feel the makeup on my face.  I can wake up and just put the base on and a bit of mascara and I am ready to walk out the door...looking natural...everyone at my 6:00 am workout class asks how I can roll out of bed looking so good...shhh...its my little secret!!!- Dana K.

I have been using the entire skincare line for over six months now and I love it!  The texture and overall appearance of my skin has improved and my friends have noticed a difference as well.  Simply put- my skin just feels wonderful! - D. Atiga

The Cosminology skincare and make-up is the best I’ve ever used.  It’s quick and potent, but at the same time kind to your skin.  It also makes your skin look fabulous. - L. Ben-Dov

Before my treatment I didn’t feel good about myself and I hated having acne. Having Dr. Dima work on my skin, boosted my confidence and I feel 100 times better about myself. -Laura F.

I love the Cosminology  mineral foundation.  It’s a perfect balance of flawless coverage with just a few light strokes of the brush. - K. Decker

Clean, natural, and I like the way it looks on my skin and eyes! - C. Doxzen

I love that Dr. Dima is an artist at what she does. I’ve had injections before, but I have to say she’s an artist. I love the staff everybody is friendly and considerate. Dr. Dima is very cutting edge, I’m always learning from her. -Rebecca P

I use the Cosmonology gentle cleanser every night and it has made my skin pretty soft in the process.  I also use the powder foundation and it helps with redness a lot. - L. Ferguson

The Cosminology Mineral Makeup is so natural looking and affordable.  My skin looks better than it did when I was in my 40’s- perhaps better than ever! - K. Griffiths

The make-up immediately covered up the redness in my cheeks.  A long time friend asked if I was doing something new to my skin as it looked “Dewey and literally flawless.”  I love not having to open up little jars and no more mineral mess.  I highly recommend this line. - S. Hughes

The Cosminology Skincare line is the most effective line of skin care products for my skin.  When I switch to other lines for trial purposes I always return to these products.  The Cosminology Mineral makeup is also a favorite. The powder foundation is very versatile.  I can create different depths of coverage like matte or dewy looks. - M.G. Johnson

The skin care line has helped my skin greatly.  The bleaching cream with Retin A is very good for treating brown spots. - A. Lefferts

 I like the serum, c, and antioxidant products. - J. Lefferts

Love the entire line.  I saw an improvement with the skincare line almost immediately, smoother skin and smaller pores.  My makeup goes on much easier and looks more natural.  The Cosminology makeup has such a great application.  My makeup bag is much lighter because there is less makeup to use. - L. Reinert

Love the entire line.  I saw an improvement with the skincare line almost immediately, smoother skin and smaller pores.  My makeup goes on much easier and looks more natural.  The Cosminology makeup has such a great application.  My makeup bag is much lighter because there is less makeup to use. - M.A. Sacripanti

Out of all the acne treatments I have bought over the course pf my teenage years, I am pleased to find that the acne spot treatment has not dried out my skin and cleared my acne with two easy applications a day. -M. Sacripanti

I have used many other brands in the past including some that claim to have minerals or be mineral based.  I immediately noticed the difference when using Cosminology.  My skin didn’t feel heavy or look like I was wearing makeup and I didn’t feel or look like I needed to re-apply throughout the day. In the short time I have been using the mineral foundation I have had more compliments on my skins complexion; after the age of 30 that’s a big deal! - L. Soto

I was given some Cosminology lipsticks as a gift and I love them.  I wear AstroBliss EVERY day!  I have an olive complexion and love how the color looks super natural and truly hydrates my lips.  And when I feel like adding a bit of a color pop, I use AstroPucker. - L. Puckett

I have a very sensitive skin and with the changes that aging brings about my skin looked dull and dry with constant breakouts. I've used many expensive products to include La Prairie caviar and Anti-Aging eye serum but it was not until I started using Dr. Dima Ali's facial products that my skin started looking youthful and radiant. My skin looks radiant and I have been receiving lots of compliments. Dr. Dima is very attentive and caring. The entire staff is very friendly and my experience has been nothing but excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Dima's products to every woman.  – T. Becks

 I LOVE Hi Plutonic C Daylight Anti-Oxidant Cream! I actually have DR. Dima in my faves on my blog. Trust that you will see the difference in your skin. I have a very stressful job where eating well and drinking water gets set aside by lots of coffee and “energy” drinks. On top of that I have two children under 5 that I need to attend to. So with all that I do need this miracle lotion. I have gone without using and have definitely seen the difference and not for the better. So thank you Dr. Dima you ROCK! –Les

 I tried her products when I was working overseas and freckling under a hot tropical sun. Most were amazed when I returned 2 years later with blemish free skin. Her sun block was great and had a moisturizing quality and I didn’t need foundation.  I was effusive about it when I returned.  I still use it everyday. –Christina P.

I’ve been using non-foaming cleansers since I was a teenager. I used to have very bad acne and most cleansers stripped and irritated my skin. It would get sooo dry, and then I started using non-foaming cleansers. I wish I had So Universally Clean back then. I understand the whole suds phenomenon when I first started using non-foaming cleansers I was like “Is this going to work?” or “It feels weird.” But you can get a deep down clean without the irritated feeling. And best of all it not only cleanses but also treats your skin with natural botanicals.

 As I sit here with my weekly ritual of my Moon Rock Illuminator I want to thank you for the wonderful product line you have! I Love it! I feel like a new woman when I use it and I look forward to it every week!  -Lisa R.

 After several years of searching for a high quality skin care line, I was very pleased to find Dr. Dima has put together a complete line of products. -Mary S.

 Love the entire line.  I saw an improvement with the Cosminology almost immediately, smoother skin and smaller pores.  

-L. R.

Her skincare is wonderful, she developed it herself. Can't live without it. Thank you Dr. Dima.....I feel fabulous!

 – Tracey G.

My face felt really soft, as if I had just used a primer. My face was baby-soft so not only does this have medical properties but it does do a dual job working as a makeup primer. You all know I am a vitamin C face junkie. Well, this is created by a very famous dermatologist so there are epic levels of vitamin C in this potion. In fact, my face felt a slight warming sensation once I had it fully coated. My facial warmness felt just as I described it-warm. There was no harsh burning and I consider (unlike the rest of my being) my facial sensitivity level to be quite normal. In the morning, after I hop out of the shower I have seen a difference in the tone of my skin. I have been using this product for about 12 days. Tomorrow I am going to use it correctly, I’m going to give it a shot for the daytime. This is leaving me in a conundrum as I have grown so fond of it at night. No slick face? Super sexy bedroom softness for my pillow and zero medicinal odor? I’m really impressed with what I have gotten from this line. I hope to turn more of you on to Cosminology. The packaging does not do justice to how incredible the product inside is. It’s a double edged sword. If the package mimicked the product I fear this jar would run into the hundreds. I am giving Cosminology’s Big Bang Those Light Years Away 5 Champagne flutes-keep in mind I am possessive of my champagne. – Meg (From Meg’s Makeup)