OMG I can’t say enough about Dr. Dima’s Cosminology skincare line. It’s out of this world...literally! My skin can sometimes be as dry as the desert and the Galactic Glove is my go to moisturizer! It’s silky smooth and feels so good on my skin! The best thing about Galactic Glove is that you can mix it with many of her other great products. I couldn’t be happier! - E. JONES (Google Reviews)

I have been using Dr. Dima skincare for more than 5 years. I really like the quality, the textures and how your skin looks after couple days of using the products. I’d highly recommend to anyone. - L. SAVLATOVA (Google Reviews)

I borrowed some of the Vitamin C Serum from my wife, and now she has to reorder some for herself. Smells awesome, super refreshing. - R. PARROTT (Google Reviews)

I have always had a hard time finding the right shade of foundation to match my skin color, but Cosminology Mineral foundation is a perfect match! Not only does it even out my skin tone, but it also makes my skin feel baby soft. It’s so easy to apply and I never have an uneven look or feel. My skin looks healthy and I feel like it is glowing! After years and hundreds of dollars spent on wasted make-up that sat in my drawer, I can finally say that I have found the foundation that I will use forever! 

-Melissa R., Boise, ID

I love the Cosminology Foundation because I have very sensitive skin and it is impossible for me to find a foundation that doesn’t make my face break out. That was until Cosminology. Cosminology foundation makes my skin look awesome! It helps to reduce redness, blotchiness, and helps to hide pimples. This foundation also NEVER makes my face break out because it is actually good for my skin! Finally a foundation I can use freely without worrying about what reaction I’ll have to it. The only reaction I get every time is great looking skin!! -Tara K., Clifton, VA

I have been using Cosminology for six months now and swear by the base makeup.  It smooths my skin out and gives me such a great complextion.  The best part is that it is lightweight and I don't feel the makeup on my face.  I can wake up and just put the base on and a bit of mascara and I am ready to walk out the door...looking natural...everyone at my 6:00 am workout class asks how I can roll out of bed looking so good...shhh...its my little secret!!!- Dana K.

I have been using the entire skincare line for over six months now and I love it!  The texture and overall appearance of my skin has improved and my friends have noticed a difference as well.  Simply put- my skin just feels wonderful! - D. Atiga

Dr. Dima is not only a beautiful, highly intelligent woman but also an amazing healer.. She treated my face,  ravaged over time by rosacea, coupled with multiple broken facial blood vessels and transformed what  was  ruddy, red and sometimes purple hued skin  into a clear complexioned healthy and totally makeup free face, and I thank her most  graciously. - Chris D.

Before my treatment I didn’t feel good about myself and I hated having acne. Having Dr. Dima work on my skin, boosted my confidence and I feel 100 times better about myself. -Laura F.

Dr. Dima not only fixed the physical appearance of my scar, but healed the psychological and emotional scar it caused. She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her patients and I trust her implicitly.” –B. Paget

I've been a happy patient for years and have joyfully watched Dr. Dima evolve from a small role in another practice to Queen of WellMedica her own “magic kingdom.” Dr. Dima observes and listens to me! That attention coupled with her incredible expertise, is what makes Dr. Dima such a great doctor. -Pam G.

I love Dr. Dima and all the girls at WellMedica, it’s such a friendly atmosphere and I feel very comfortable there. Dr. Dima knows me very well and takes care of me. Both my husband and I go to Dr. Dima.” –Janice

Dr. Dima gives me personalized care and I never feel like I’m being rushed. She is great and knowledgeable but most of all she listens to me. If ever my family had a problem I would bring them in to see Dr. Dima without a doubt” -Cathy

I love that Dr. Dima is an artist at what she does. I’ve had injections before, but I have to say she’s an artist. I love the staff everybody is friendly and considerate. Dr. Dima is very cutting edge, I’m always learning from her. -Rebecca P