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Dr. Dima’s Story

Dr. Dima Ali has been practicing Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine for over 20 years. Having Fitzgerald Type IV skin herself, one of her specialties is the treatment of ethnic skin. She started creating skincare products when she was a teenager growing up in North Africa. She suffered (as did her mother and sisters) from eczema and could not tolerate any over the counter skincare. She was also a long-time acne sufferer with a propensity for hyperpigmentation. As she states: “I became determined to create effective skincare formulations that we could all tolerate without breaking out in a rash.” Growing up in North Africa gave her access to many herbal remedies and raw ingredients (that have since been well documented in the scientific community) that were indigenous to that area. Her passion for skincare continued through medical school and residency where she continued to make products in her kitchen for family and friends. After starting her cosmetic derm practice, the formulations took place in her office laboratory where she continues to custom formulate topicals for individual patient needs - especially those with very sensitive skin.

Dr. Dima’s Philosophy

Dr. Dima believes that healthy, beautiful skin empowers the individual to look better and feel better about themselves whether they have an adverse skin condition or not. COSMINOLOGY is about self-care with products that nourish the mind-body connection

so that each individual can allow the light from within to radiate. The combination of Dr. Dima’s COSMINOLOGY Skincare and Mineral Makeup is clinically, physically and emotionally healing. It began as a decision to do what was best for her patients. It then became a very personal desire to heal her own acne scars. Finally, it evolved into a more "cosmic" desire to share this with anyone who can benefit. Dr. Dima describes COSMINOLOGY as a “true labor of love” that she hopes can play a small part in raising each individuals vibration. As she states: “the purpose of this medical grade skin care goes beyond reducing the signs of aging and making better, healthier skin. I am passionate about helping people achieve balance in their lives and choosing high performance skincare products is an important factor in their overall well being.”


Dr. Dima’s approach is to combine the best skin actives in high concentration with soothing, calming botanicals. The concentration of active ingredients of most skincare on the market are in low concentration leading to less effectiveness. With COSMINOLOGY products, the actives such as Retinol, Vitamin C and E are in higher concentration and this translates into better results. However, when skin is being “transformed” to a healthier state, it can go through an adjustment phase. This can include a little dryness and maybe redness. COSMINOLOGY products have healing botanicals to counteract this effect and soothe the skin. The result is healthier skin without having to deal with the potential side effects of cell turnover. This increases individual compliance which in turn leads to visible results.

Another unique aspect of COSMINOLOGY is one of Dr. Dima’s “secret” ingredients, Nigella Sativa. The medicinal use of Nigella Sativa (also known as the seed of blessing) dates back over 3000 years and its legendary healing power is even mentioned in the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran. It was a staple in Cleopatra’s and Nefertiti’s beauty routine. As Dr. Dima states: “growing up we always had Nigella Sativa in our kitchen. Whether it was a stomachache, cough, cold, fever or rash, my mother treated us with Nigella Sativa. We used it on scrapes, cuts, my acne, my mother’s rosacea, muscle and joint pain even on mosquito bites. It was essentially a cure all.”

Through her decades of use and research, Dr. Dima firmly believes that Nigella Sativa is one of the most powerful natural healing remedies in the universe. That is why she uses it her skincare formulations combining it synergistically with Vitamins A, C and E and other botanicals such as Green Tea Leaf, Clove Flower, Arnica Montana and Borage Oil to achieve a highly effective yet gentle formulations.

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