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Our world is going through a challenging period of uncertainty and stress. 


During times like these, we are reminded of how unique and precious we all are as well as the true fragility of the world around us. In an instant, one can see how everyone is connected across space and time and I believe it is our responsibility to help each other in order to protect the common good. 


I am drawn to the theory of the "Butterfly Effect" which illustrates how the power of a small or local gesture of kindness can potentially result in a global wave of altruism as we are all impacted by this universal occurrence. I want to share my knowledge and my creations with you in hopes that it will inspire you to give of yourself to your community.  


I created the 2020 DermaDeal Skin Stimulus Act to bring awareness to natural, healing ingredients and to encourage individuals to give and take care of one another and our planet - even if it’s just a warm smile.  So every time you use one of our products, send someone a loving thought.  This virus may be powerful but it can’t beat the cosmic (universal) power of love.


If the spirit of my message resonates with you, please feel free to share that positive cosmic energy and pay-it-forward in your own community.       


We will make it through this ordeal, together.


You can reach out to me any time with your questions, concerns, or just to say hello:



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