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Benefits of Medical Grade Skincare

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

A good skincare regime is the foundation of great looking skin. Daily use of a medical grade skincare line will protect healthy skin from premature aging and damage, keeping skin hydrated and youthful. Even with the growth in laser and light based cosmetic procedures skincare is still the pre, post and daily step to achieving the desired effects from a procedure.

“The problems we see on the surface of the skin correspond to cells underneath that aren’t working properly. Brown spots indicate melanocytes that aren’t functioning as they should. Wrinkles appear because cells producing collagen and elastin stop performing efficiently. Women need to start using products that keep cells in top working order early in life. It’s like building a house: You start with the foundation.” Dr. Zein Obagi

Before any cosmetic procedure daily use of medical grade skincare products condition and prepare the skin to receive a treatment allowing for faster healing time and fewer possible side effects such as hyperpigmentation (especially in olive complexions). Once a procedure is done skincare products can be used to soothe irritated skin without diminishing the benefits of the procedure. After you have invested your time and money into a cosmetic procedure your skincare products are a daily protection in your investment by maintaining the benefits of any cosmetic procedure whether it be botox or laser resurfacing.

A minimal skincare regime should include:

2. A daily sun block SPF30 or higher, this is one of the most important steps in anti-aging and preserving the health of your skin. Cosmic Ray Shield SPF36

3. A hydrating night cream that boosts cellular renewal to maintain the appearance of healthy cells. Fault-Line Defender Twilight Anti-Oxidant Cream

Remember it is always easier to maintain your healthy skin than to try to repair it.

Skincare doesn’t only mean lotions and potions either, take skincare one step further to include your make up as well. Daily use of mineral make up will protect against environmental damage and pre-mature aging. Medical grade mineral make up will help heal your skin after cosmetic procedures while enhancing your flawless complexion. Want to try our pressed mineral compact?

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