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Dima Ali M.D.

COSMINOLOGY SKINCARE was created by Dr. Dima Ali, M.D. and inspired by her personal sensitivity to harsh, over the counter and prescription strength topical treatments.  As a long-time acne sufferer with a propensity for hyperpigmentation, Dr. Dima began experimenting and creating her own natural creams. Dr. Dima chose to work with potent and naturally rejuvenating ingredients containing anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and essential oils. One of the benefits of Dr. Dima formulations is the successful treatment of difficult scars on patients who are often referred to her by other dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. The healing process for recalcitrant scars (from trauma, acne or just persistent scratching from hypersensitivity) can often take many months if not years before there is any noticeable improvement. Dr. Dima’s successful treatment of stubborn scars through the synergistic combination of topical dermatological preparations and the latest in laser technology has proven to be one of her most successful practices. One of Dr. Dima’s formulation revelations was experienced in the treatment of her own facial scar.  During the research and testing phase of a new laser technology, Dr. Dima noticed her scar was healing but only very slowly. The process became much more accelerated with the additional use of her COSMINOLOGY SKINCARE  creations. Dr. Dima states:“The relationships between art and science or between natural healing energy and the latest medical/surgical technology are topics widely discussed in the field of medicine. I believe the mind-body connection to be a powerful tool for proving the most effective remedy for many of

physical appearance issues. I believe the accelerated healing of my own scar was a result of the effectiveness of my natural formulations and the fact that they made me “feel” better about my physical appearance.” Dr. Dima believes that healthy, beautiful skin empowers the individual to not only look better but to “feel” better about themselves. COSMINOLOGY SKINCARE is clinically proven to heal a wide array of epidemic issues and that effectiveness empowers her products to become a more cosmic, mind-body healing experience.